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Different by Design

We structure our fees in a way that benefits your best interests. Our services are priced according to your unique needs and goals, and the money you pay us is purely tied to the value we bring.

What It Means

To work with a fee-based and fiduciary wealth manager:

You’re the boss.

We work for you — and only you. There is no external company telling us what to say or how to do it. We decide what steps come next depending on what we think is the optimal avenue and option for you. And, we will always make sure you know the rationale and reasoning behind every decision.

No commission.

We are purely motivated by your own success. This means that there is never any commission attached to the products and services we provide. Our goal is to always offer the most comprehensive, objective advice possible, for a price that’s right for you.

More ways to pay.

Unlike companies like Merrill Lynch, you don’t need actual money sitting in a bank account to compensate us for our efforts. Instead, we are able to bill you through a variety of channels so you can take advantage of every one of our financial planning solutions.

Free Yourself from Insecurity