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Bridging the Gap Between Generations

After serving 10 years as a trooper and Financial Crimes investigator for the Delaware State Police department, I was ready to serve and support the community through financial education.

Growing up, my family never talked about money. While my grandfather was a self-made millionaire, his failure to plan a head, led to his wealth not being properly transferred to the next generations of our family. Following his death at the age of 96 in a nursing home, I found a deeper passion for wanting to educate families of all sizes on how to protect their legacy, using a holistic approach to wealth management.

Providing clients with clarity, confidence and structure gives them the ability to secure anything that may fall through the cracks, preventing what happened to my grandfather.

Tyler Almeida Photo

Tyler Almeida

Founder & Registered Investment Advisor

As the founder of Ardor Wealth Management, I’ve paired my years of professional training combined with my personal life experiences to create investment strategies for my clients that offer new ways to maximize their wealth and achieve their objectives.

Prior to funding Ardor, I worked in the pharmaceutical sector, served as a financial crimes detective for the Delaware State Police department and spent time investing in real estate and operating my own small business.

With these experiences, I’m able to better understand the needs and goals of my clients- beyond the stock market performance- and help them successfully manage all aspects of their financial life.

I have lived in South America and Asia, I speak English & Spanish. In my free time, I enjoy playing ice hockey and scuba diving. My wife Kelly and I have been married for 23 years and have two sons.

Devon Jayne Gwizdz Photo

Devon Jayne Gwizdz

Director of Operations

With 20 years of experience in customer service, I help ensure all our clients receive the highest level of care and attention to their financial needs and goals. My meticulous attention to detail and outgoing nature enable me to create a consistent client experience through ongoing communication and systemized account management.

I’ve worked in many fields- education, hospitality, marketing, design, publishing and financial services-providing me with a wide range of skills that contribute to my role and the success at Ardor daily. These experiences have allowed me to turn my knowledge and insight into actionable recommendations to streamline our processes, improve our services and bring more value to our client experiences every day.

Originally from Michigan, I moved to Florida in 2002 and have been here ever since. My husband Artur (A Polish former professional hockey player) and I have six children together.

Jim Perrone Photo

Jim Perrone

Born and raised in Chicago, Illinois- I moved to the Tampa area pursuing a career in financial services I would later attend The University of South Florida, where I obtained my Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree. Using my passion for developing financial road maps and building long term relationships, I’ve dedicated myself to identifying and understanding my clients “Big picture” goals. We strategize a plan realistic to their day to day needs, implementing good financial habits in applying the effort in reaching and living their ultimate dream life. My senior managerial and staff position experience in the Financial Advisory Services, Private Banking/ Business/ Commercial sector(s) also include life insurance experience that have provided me with the tools clients can rely on to obtain their success.

My wife Connie and I reside in Parrish, FL. We spend our time exploring the “Arts” with friends and enjoy camping and fishing getaways when we can.