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Client-Focused. Results-Driven.

At Ardor Wealth Management, our goal with every new client we work with is to establish — and consistently maintain — an open line of communication. Wealth planning is a collaborative process, and we believe this process works best when all sides are aligned, at all times.

Here’s a brief overview of the steps you can expect when you work with us:


At the beginning of our relationship, we’ll schedule a “fit meeting” where we’ll determine whether or not we’d make a good fit for one another. During this time, we’ll identify the services that complement your needs best by discussing your history, financial health and vision for the future.


Next, we’ll talk about the smaller details of your finances, such as your investments, cash flow and plans for retirement, to create a comprehensive financial picture for our partnership moving forward. Then, we’ll create a rough outline of your objectives so we can effectively measure your progress. 


Once we’ve provided you with some initial next steps, we’ll finalize our relationship and begin scheduling meetings to chat about your new wealth and investment strategy. As your finances evolve, we’ll update this plan to accommodate the needs and goals of both you, and your family.

Discover a New Way to Manage Your Money